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Yesterday's Trash Queens

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Personality Crisis

And what brings someone innocent like you to the filthy gutters of glam-trash? You fell? Aw. You better pick yourself up, 'cause the gutter's not the safest place for you. Unless, of course, you fancy absolute filth, gutter-slut sleaze, underground trash queen, Hollywood dream teen, glamourized cocaine glam-trash-metal icons; anything ranging from the sixties up until the twenty-first century, as long as it's good and decent dirt.

Stripped right down, this is a private community for Annie (pawnshoppe) and Andy (allstarred): two Hollywood, icon-making glamstar-girls. Their preferred sleaze-stars? Everything from Roxy Music and Hanoi Rocks to the Darkness and Mötley Crüe, just as long as they're downright dirty.

Of course, the world hasn't realized -- but soon will -- that Annie and Andy are the New York Dolls of the 2000s. Miss Johnny Thunders? Don't worry -- that will soon be put to an end. The forgotten worlds of glam rock- and metal will be revived once again, as these two "shooting stars" will tear their way through the Hollywood, New York, and London underground music scenes of the seventies and eighties.

Until then... it's safer for you outside the gutter. Have a good one.

With sex, drugs, and rock n' roll,
Annie & Andy

Annie (the not so glam, more trash, or at least Midwestern, and a little more indie one) uses brushes/textures by teh_indy, disappearicons, and, uhm, other people. They're really ace so check them out (they're much better than she is).
As for Nora, I dunno, as she's "dead" (and inhabiting the screenname allstarred too. I guess.