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Irrelevant, but whatevs.

This is something for Dana I wrote last night after a sudden burst of inspiration. This is a sort-of sequel to "Teenage Zombies In Love"; but not really. It's very crappy, very quick, (1AM inspiration, babe) but I think it gets the basic idea across. I would email this to her, but since Annie makes a cameo appearance, it's going in here.

Dana: I love you so much.
Annie: I love you so much as well.

Side-note to anyone else: If you don't get the point of this story, don't bother commenting.

Not Fakin' It

Miss Nikki Sixx sat up in her bed - their bed - and stretched widely. As she slumped back down, she sighed with satisfaction, momentarily glancing at the sleeping form beside her: her half-girlfriend, Andy Filth; frontman and lead guitarist of their rapidly growing band, The Hollywood Rejects. They had started a Finnish tour a couple of days ago; Andy wasn't one to forget where she came from. Nikki smiled to herself, and gazed out the window.

It had started snowing. The big, white flakes slowly drifted down, covering the streets with a fresh layer of snow. There was little traffic out, since it was mid-December and the Christmas holidays had started. But come noon, the streets in Helsinki would be very busy.

Nikki slowly got out of bed. The hotel room was nice and cozy; she didn't want to get up. The events of last night were still printed clearly on her mind, and the "feel good" attitude still remained. With one last lingering glance at Andy, Nikki shuffled out of the bedroom and into the bathroom, getting ready to take a hot shower.


"Nikki, you found anything?" Annie - the Rejects rhythm guitarist - asked, appearing beside the bassist.

"I think so," Nikki replied, fingering the Negative CD, turning it over in her hands. Her hazel eyes scanned the track listing for the umpteenth time, before flipping it over to stare at the cover - or, more specifically, at Jonne Aaron. "I don't know if I should get this or not. I really want it, but Andy's got it, so... yeah." Nikki finished, unsure of what to do.

Annie thought for a minute. "I say, get it." Nikki looked at her. "Well, if you really want it, why not buy it? C'mon, Nicks - you're a rockstar. You've got a five-digit income!"

Nikki chuckled. Annie did have a point. "A'ight." she said defiantly. "I'll get it." She grinned at Annie, before her eyes rested on the stack of merchandise in her arms. "Seems like you found something."

"Sure did." Annie nodded as they headed towards the counter. Before they reached it, they stopped, and quickly looked around the store in search of Andy. She was the only Finnish-speaker in the band; and although most Finns spoke good English, it was always handy to have her close by - just in case. They soon spotted her browsing through random CDs with MC, their drummer.

When Andy and MC saw the two, wide grins appeared on both their faces; Andy's perhaps more amused than MC's.

"What?" Nikki asked, frowning a little; but both Andy and MC refused to say.

"What?" Nikki asked again when they had made their purchases and were outside the store. "Come on, you guys! Tell already!" She shot a glance at Annie, who shrugged.

"Nicks," Andy started, "Guess who our opening act are tonight?"

"Who?" she asked, her frown deepening. Names rattled through her head. "Uh... Technicolour?" Andy shook her head. "The Rasmus? The 69 Eyes? Um... Hell, I don't know!"

What Andy said next made Nikki's heart pound like a jackhammer:



"Oh God," Nikki muttered as she entered the club where the aftershow was being held, "I don't think I can do this! I mean... Jonne Aaron? Wow. He's like... he's like..."

"Oh, Nicks, you'll be fine!" Andy assured her, pulling her through the crowds to the bar and seating her down on a stool. "Honestly! Relax! Have some fun! Get to know 'im!"

Nikki only nodded, and ordered herself a Jäger shot.

As the evening progressed, she became more and more nervous. What if he wouldn't like her? What if she said something idiotic? Oh God, this is like high school revisited -

"Hey there," a heavily accented voice interrupted her thoughts. She looked up, and sure enough, there he was. Standing in all his glamourous, blonde glory. Smiling warmly.

"Hey," she replied in a voice that she hoped sounded cool. She reached out her hand. "Nikki Sixx, from the Hollywood Rejects."

"Yeah, I know," he said, grabbing her hand and giving it a shake. "I'm a big fan of yours. I've always wanted to meet you. Oh, by the way, I'm Jonne. Jonne Aaron from Negative."

"Yeah," Nikki nodded, playing with her Jäger shot, "I bought your album today. It's really good. I'm surprised you're not bigger." Immediately, she felt her cheeks flush. She had not just said that. How wrong did that sound? Oh God. 'I hope he hasn't realized. Oh God, I just fucked up, big time.' she thought.

Jonne only smiled, before turning to the bartender. "Yks olut, jos teill on, kiitos." Nikki quickly looked over her shoulder, her eyes falling on Andy. Andy grinned widely and flashed her the rockhorns, before disappearing into the crowd with Christus, one of Negative's guitarists.


It was some one in the morning as they slammed into the hotel room's door. Nikki knew they shouldn't be doing this; but then again, Andy was probably off with Christus somewhere. Maybe it was fair.

Nikki fumbled with the key as she unlocked the door, and the pair fell into the room. As soon as they'd collapsed on the bed, Jonne pulled away, panting slightly.

"Nikki," he began, "I've never done this before."

"Don't worry babe," she whispered, "You're in good hands." With this, she grabbed his shirt collar and his lips came crashing down on hers. A moment later, Nikki felt a hand slowly creeping down her side. It came to a rest on her hip, and ever so slowly snaking along the top of her trousers. His thumb was just barely touching her skin. She let out a soft moan.

Jonne broke the kiss, and began planting quick ones along her jawline and down her neck, while his fingers clumsily undid her trousers, easing them off a little. Nikki fingered the hem of his shirt, before slipping her hands under it; she ran her hands along his stomach and over his chest, and then back down again.

Just then, Jonne's fingers crept under her pantyline, causing Nikki to buck up into him. "Oh God, Jonne..." she murmured, whimpering as Jonne's finger crept in further. 'This is going to be the best night of my life.' she thought to herself, bucking once again.


The following morning, she woke up to find Jonne gone and a madly-grinning Andy sitting beside her on the bed.

"Where's Jonne?" she asked, rubbing her eyes.

"Gone." came Andy's blunt reply. But her grin didn't go away. "He left you a note, too." she added, waving a piece of paper in front of Nikki's face.

Nikki's eyes widened. "You haven't read it, have you?" she cried. Andy rolled her eyes.

"Of course I have. What d'you think?" she replied as Nikki snatched the note out of her hand. "But I can't believe it!"

"Believe what?"

"That you nailed 'im!" Andy let out a laugh. "God, I'm so jealous, you have no idea!"

"Why? I thought you got it on with Christus last night." Nikki said, not looking up from her note.

"Nah; we just talked and stuff. Mind you, I was very tempted at one point. He looks a lot like Slash, y'know?"


'Sweet Nikki: Since I'm not one for good-byes, I've left early. I really hate to make it all so cliché, but I s'pose that's the only way. I want to say: thanks for last night. You were beautiful. And I'll always remember you as my first and my best. That was, truly, moment of our love. Love & rock, Jonne.'

"Well?" Andy interrupted, that annoying grin still firmly on her face.

"Well what?" Nikki said, then paused as a sudden thought entered her mind. "Anders; you weren't the one, like... behind all this, were you?"

"Me?" Andy shrugged. "I'm just a rock n' roll singer."
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