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I'm the singer from Tuff, not Pretty Boy Floyd!

Ch-Check it out!

Pretty Boy Floyd icons - you just KNEW they were comin' along. I realized how awesome Vinnie Chas is. (What is it with me and bassists?) Mostly these icons are Vinnie, but there's a couple of the other 'Boys in there as well.

1. - Baby, I wanna be with you. (Vinnie.)
2. - Glamour trash. (Kari, I think.)
3. - Group shot.
4. - Oh so rock n' roll. (Vinnie.)
5. - Group shot.
6. - Vinnie and Kari.
7. - Vinnie.

I thought the concept for number four was pretty cool, but I have to say, number five turned out real good.. it's the lighting and the pose an' everything. Hmm.
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