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Park Avenue leads to Skid Row.

These did so not work out.

Man, I took screenshots of my Skid Row videos, and yeesh, they're horrid. The videos were really blurry and the icons turned shitty. God; remind me to never ever do Skid Row icons without promo shots.

In other news, I got all the band members 'cept Rob. Because it's always hard to get good shots of drummers. (Unless you're Joey, 'cause then you're practically posing. .. As seen in the "Left Behind" video.) I realized how 'Hanoi Rocks' Scotti Hill looked like, too. He's got such soft, fluffy hair... *touchy touchy* Er, yeah.


.. The last one would look better if it's animated. I should stick that one up, though; I've still got it. (Not the mini-movie one, either.) I loved it. ; ;

My favorite's gotta be number five; even though the picture is all grainy and icky and bleh. ._.
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